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A Walk Through the Seder

Sold into slavery by jealous brothers, Joseph had later risen to a position of great power in Egypt. When famine struck the region, Joseph—now reconciled with his brothers—invited their father—the patriarch Jacob (Israel)—and all his descendants to find food and refuge in Egypt. At first, Joseph’s extended family was treated well. As time passed, however, Joseph died, and a new Pharaoh came to power. Threatened by the growing ranks of the Jewish people, the Pharaoh put them to work doing heavy labor. The Israelites lived in Egypt for over 400 years, much of that time as slaves. When their burdens finally became insufferable, they cried out to God, who sent Moses and Aaron to secure their freedom. When the ruling Pharaoh refused to let them go, God sent a series of 10 plagues upon Egypt. The 10th and final plague was the slaying of the firstborn. Before that final plague, the Israelites were told to kill a lamb and paint its blood on the doorposts of their homes.

Watch the following videos as they retell this ancient Passover story from a Messianic perspective.

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